Why. For years I’ve been collecting quotes. I guess it’s a type of lazy man’s classical education, or maybe the simpleton’s wisdom. But there’s something about the instant dose of reflection one gets from aphorism that appeals to me.

Scope. In terms of this collection, I don’t presume to think the web really needs another quote database. There are plenty of good ones out there already. But I wanted a searchable database of quotes that appeal to me, so that’s what this represents. There are hundreds of entries right now, and hundreds or so more waiting for a rainy day.

Updates. I update the database a few times a week. Well, a few times a month. Check back every so often for the latest found bits of wisdom.

Organization. The entries are mostly listed in the order in which I posted them, and are categorized and tagged by author and topic. The entire database is also searchable; head to the Index page for a search box. 

Adding Your Mark. Finally, if there’s something you’d like to see me add, please let me know! I’d love to. You can email me by clicking here. 

I hope you enjoy perusing the collection, and more than that, I hope you find something that moves you!

~ Jeff