Incomparable: It’s a big word. Yet I had two great experiences in Boston last week which both deserve it:

1. A tour through the new Yawkey Center for Cancer Care at Dana-Farber, which houses among other wonderful things an incredible (an incredibly moving) gene wall. It is basically an experiential rendering of their progress in gene therapy. Not-so-great picture to the left. What an incredible institution.

2. While in the city, I met the incomparable Aubrey Barr, who has been running the NYC Marathon as a fundraiser for Memorial Sloan-Kettering for over 20 years and has personally raised over $500,000. Aubrey and I were recently introduced and are doing a presentation together at the Nonprofit DMA Conference in August. It was inspiring to meet with her. 

It’s likely that many of the people I work with every day of my life would be considered “incomparable” to others. Boston was a reminder of that, and I’m grateful.