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"Stewardship" does not mean waiting for checks to roll in.

I wrote a short post today for Event 360’s blog that will likely annoy many development professionals. But honestly: Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how some large nonprofits got so large. 

Stewardship is not the same as accounts receivable. If you find yourself dealing with a high number of lapsed donors or defaulted pledges, don’t blame the donors. Look first at your own organization’s stewardship — or lack thereof.

2011 NTC

Well, I’m sitting in Reagan National waiting to return home from the 2011 NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference and am just reflecting on what a long, energizing, and content-rich week it was. With all of the thought and momentum I’ve been putting to our client engagements and Event 360 blog, I’ve definitely let this one slip. In fact, I’ve let most of my social presence atrophy. NTC was a reminder of the power of not only institutional ideas, but of personal ones as well.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m taking some time off, and hoping to do some thinking about this blog and how I can use it to communicate some of the great things we’re learning about fundraising, analytics, mission, and how they work together. I’m excited to crank up the volume.