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Test, test, test.

Oh, I can be so silly. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. 

I use the rather wonderful Squarespace for my blog. I really love it; it isn’t free like Wordpress but in my opinion the cost is more than balanced out by great ease-of-use and powerful tools. 

I’ve been really excited about the new Squarespace Version 6 that is in beta. It looks so fantastic! Wowza. And the social integration is great. A few months ago I requested a beta invitation and I got one!

And thus the trap closes. 

It started innocently enough. I had a few spare minutes today between meetings and thought, what the heck? I’ll upgrade my blog. The beta has been running for months — I’m sure the kinks are sorted out. Right? Right?!?

I logged in, chose an awesome new template, and hit migrate. This is going to be awesome! And then… 90 minutes of panic and frustration ensued as — of course — none of the pictures migrated over correctly, the new user interface left me confused, and my custom domains were changed. The blogger’s worst nightmare: Editing your DNS entry. It means something has gone wrong. Very wrong.

It’s all sorted out now and I’m mostly feeling stupid for ignoring the advice I give my clients: Test, test, test!

That new blog is going to be awesome. The toolset looks incredible. But I think I’ll experiment first…

Pining For Squarespace 6

I use Squarespace for my site and despite a few niggles I’m very happy with it. I don’t know where I’ve been hiding, but I just today found out about their announcement several months ago regarding the latest update, Squarespace 6. Looks killer. 

By the way, has anyone else noticed that the Google fonts I’m using looking awful on Windows? Well, I sure didn’t — at least until tonight that is! I’m going to have to change the style, because the wonderful, smooth, anti-aliased type I see on my Mac looks absolutely horrid on Windows. Whoops. 

Postscript: I’ve switched from the very cool Blueprint style to the equally-cool-but-seemingly-more-Windows-friendly Canopy style. Hope you enjoy the green. Let’s see if it grows on us.