You look great...

Winter Storm Linus.

... it's been a while. Great to see you again.

I've just completed my every-so-often retool of this blog. There are a couple of reasons I've not been here for a while.

One, we've been getting the Plenty blog up and running. That's taken time and energy. Not grumbling about that, by the way, because the process has been fulfilling and fun, but it has taken my time and attention. The Plenty site is now running like a top. 

Two, I needed some time to figure out what I even wanted or needed this for. With Plenty's blog, which showcases so many interesting ideas about fundraising and analytics and social change, why do I need anything else?

I guess the basic reason is built into the idea of Plenty itself -- we are, all of us, more than just the sum of our work activities. As important as my work is to me, as much as is woven into the fabric of who I am, there are ideas and rambles and thoughts in my head that don't have much to do with Plenty. My kids, my family, my personal interests, or even, pictures about the weather.

So, welcome back. 

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