Awesome new picture frame for my office from my precious daughter. :-) #grateful  (at Plenty)

Awesome new picture frame for my office from my precious daughter. :-) #grateful (at Plenty)


Goodbye Adobe

I really like graphic design, even though I don’t know much about it and don’t have time to learn. At least now. But I’ve always said, “This is going to be the year…” As if between Plenty and school and family and trying to stay somewhat musical and somewhat in shape I have time for this. But still, for years I’ve had a copy of Photoshop that I’ve basically used as a glorified photo-resizer.

A couple of years ago I was able to get a student subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud because of grad school — it was still pricey but I got two-thirds off the monthly subscription, so I went for it. I’ve probably opened the apps in it once a month since then. If that. And the thing is, the cost adds up. 

Over the last couple of days Adobe announced Creative Cloud 2014. I’m usually stoked for new software releases. Tableau 8.2 came out the other day and it made my week. I love geeking my way through the new features. But looking through the new CC features, I realized — this just isn’t for me. Time to admit that. Me having Photoshop is like someone who loves music but can’t play an instrument owning a Steinway. Makes no sense.

I’ve cancelled my subscription (or tried — Adobe has made it sort of difficult), uninstalled Creative Cloud, and bought a copy of Pixelamator for a one-time charge of $30. By next month I’ll be ahead on the overall cost and a year from now I’ll be hundreds of dollars ahead. More importantly, I now have a tool that fits my needs, and have disposed of the ongoing guilt I feel about having these big applications I never use. 

The power of simplifying.

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