Apple’s incredible shrinking font

After some effort, I just got a version of Yosemite installed on a new MacBook Air.

I feel like it is another step backward for interface design. I honestly do not understand Apple’s fixation with making typefaces thinner and slimmer and harder and harder to see. 

Overall, it looks very much like iOS8, which I know was intentional. But I’m not really interested in making my computer look like my phone — that’s why I have a computer and a phone.

I’m sure I’m in the minority, but the new interface is a big miss for me.

apple Yosemite interface design mac

Don’t Install Yosemite Yet

For a while there, Apple OS X upgrades were really slick. They had figured out how to upgrade in place, and the nightmares of the early OS X versions were gone.

Alas, that is no more. I’ve had problems with both Mavericks and now Yosemite. I tried Yosemite this morning on a non-mission-critcal Mac — a brand new MacBook Air which more than meets the basic specs — and now the computer is a brick. 

I love Apple but they keep slipping backwards.

apple yosemite

No Reason to upgrade

A new version of Reason is out, and that’s usually a sign that I need to hang onto my wallet. I don’t use Reason much for recording, but I like it as a scratchpad for composition.

But I’ve got to say, after looking at the new features I’m having a hard time understanding what they’ve actually added. “Improved workflow” is sometimes a way of saying, “we were out of ideas.” And the first reviews seem to confirm that while it is a nice set of improvements, there’s nothing here that merits $129. 

That’s too bad. With better MIDI and audio editing, it would be a program I turn to more often. As it stands, I love opening it — and then always end up feeling limited. 

Reason MIDI audio music software

The U.S. Royals

One of the main stories on CBS This Morning today was about how the 2016 presidential election could very likely come down to Hillary Clinton on one side and Jeb Bush on the other. 

I am sure they are both talented and smart people, but does anyone else see anything wrong with this? We fought a revolution in order to leave a monarchy, and yet we’re moving towards a place where our least bad options for our elected leaders are people whose families have been in power for decades. 

Are we that unable to find new candidates? Are we uninterested in looking? Or are we so overwhelmed by the problems in Washington that is easiest to lean on familiar family brands?

There has to be a third choice. 

politics 2016 clinton bush

One more quick Destiny post

There are a growing number of reviews of Destiny out there but here’s the first one I’ve seen from one of the big outlets. It’s a good review of a mediocre game. I think even people who like Destiny are feeling a bit let down. The Microsoft store is selling Borderlands 2 for $4.99 — I downloaded it last night after trying to enjoy Destiny for the third night in a row. For a tenth of the price, Borderlands is twice as good. Destiny is really disappointing.

Gamespot’s Destiny review

destinythegame disappointment

Destiny review: no fate

I was really looking forward to Destiny. But it really isn’t that good at all. 

destinythegame disappointment

Appropriate wisdom after checking off an early morning run. #keepgoing  (at Stop 35)

Appropriate wisdom after checking off an early morning run. #keepgoing (at Stop 35)