My time is now your time! Let me help you change the world.

I wanted to share a piece of news that is an exciting step for me and I hope a great opportunity for you. Yesterday at the Run-Walk-Ride conference I announced that henceforth and forever more, I’m setting aside at least 5% of my time each week to offer free fundraising advice to nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, and world-changers big and small. 

Why? As we work with more and more nonprofits like yours, I’m struck by a few things. 

  • First, many of you only need a few quick pieces of advice or a dose of outside perspective. But you are reluctant to call either because you don’t want to impose if you don’t have a budget to hire us, or because you fear getting a sales pitch, or both. I want to eliminate the barriers to you reaching out for input.
  • Two, there are lots of you who work in small, passionate shops, and even a short consulting engagement might represent a huge portion of your budget. And so you don’t have the opportunity to work with us. But your work is some of the most important to me, and I want to help. Others of you work in large organizations but getting budget authority to bring on an outside agency can take months. I want to speed that up for you.
  • Three, I love talking about fundraising and helping people understand it! And I’m always so gratified when I get the chance to talk and meet with new people. You’re a neat person! I want to talk with you.
  • Finally, I’m a world-changer. I want to help you make a difference!

How does it work? Simple: Just email me at and ask for a time in the office hours schedule. I’ll commit that we’ll spend an hour on the phone with you talking about whatever issue or issues you want — without a sales pitch in sight. If you send over a dataset, I’ll even go through it on the phone with you. The only small print is that depending on what you need and our mutual calendars, you may speak with one of my consultants instead of me, and it may take us a couple of weeks to coordinate a time that works.

But that’s it. All you have to do is ask.

So, will you email me for a time to let me help you change the world?