Play to the Gods.

Love this, from the conclusion of Pete Townsend's new book, Who I Am. Thanks to friend Tony Vengrove for pointing it out on his blog, Tony V's Idea Garage.

I dedicate this book to the artist in all of us.
This is as much a note to myself as one to you.  Play to the gods!  In showbusiness the ‘gods’ are the seats right at the back of the theatre, the tough ones, where people got in cheaply and can’t see of hear properly, and chat between themselves and eat lots of popcorn.
For the artist ‘the gods’ is the universe, the big, abstract picture, the unknown, the open sky and sea.  Focusing on the infinite universe might seem rather grandiose, or utterly aimless.  In fact it’s as small or as large as we want it to be.  Some of us believe there is nothing out there.  Some of us believe we are surrounded by attentive angels.  Whatever.
Play to the gods, or — if you prefer — to a small basket full of stuffed toys, or sing into the mouth of a hot-water bottle, or turn the knobs on a chest of drawers and pretend to be 20,000 leagues under the sea.
It’s all the same thing.  If in doubt, just play.

~ Pete Townsend