Is this on?


It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here. Lately I’ve been thinking about why.

A few years ago — well, more like five years ago — I was in a great groove of writing three or four times a week. It was wonderful. I would wake up, feel into what was moving me, and write a short post.

A couple of things happened. The biggest is that I left my old company, Event 360, and started Plenty. That work, while gratifying, took a lot of my time. The second is that I got serious about journaling, and made a commitment to write to myself every day. Most of that scrawling … well, let’s just say it’s hard for me to read, let alone subjecting anyone else to it.

But I think something else happened, too. I kind of lost my sense of what I’d write outside of what I write for Plenty. For a while, I figured everything I had to say should go on Plenty’s site. And maybe that’s true. But I have so many interests that don’t necessarily fit there… and as a result, I basically stopped writing in both places.

But I’m here, well, and leaning into writing more. Not sure how you found this, but I’m glad you’re here too.